• Electropneumatic warm spot-sticking desk machine, complete with:anti-repeater safety device, 5 pneumatically operated points which can be displaced to satisfy different models, electrically heated points equipped with electronic control of the temperature up to 200°, adjustable spot-sticking pressure, spot-sticking timing, working plate in magnetic...

  • TOP FUSING MACHINEAlternate fusing machine for shirts'' collar and cuffs with two frames 600 x 360 mm. with alternate movement. Installed power: 5 KwVoltage: 3~50Hz 230 V - 3+N~50Hz 400 V

  • TOP FUSING MACHINES FOR COLLAR AND CUFFS Continous fusing machine for shirts' colalr and cuffs with laoding and unloading of pieces on the same side.

  • CONTINUOUS FUSING MACHINEIt is composed basically from: control panel, detachment of fused fabric, cooling device and double cylinder.

  • Continuous fusing machine for shirts Mod. X600SH 

  • This press model for fusing collars and cuffs of shirts is the perfect solution for starting a business or who has no need for high production. Among the features of this article there is a possibility to choose between normal heating or double heating: the PR10 model is available with conveyor belts and special seamless rolled strip.

  • The press model for fusing collars and cuffs of shirts PR4, is available with an upper and lower heating system. Compared to PR10 model, an additional heating system makes the residue of thermoadhesive always present in the soft cleaning system and easy removal.

  • The press for fusing collars and cuffs of shirts PR5N, is the top model in the line PR. The technological innovations of this machine allow you to have a reliable product to 100% in every situation characterized by technical excellence and unparalleled.

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