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BATTISTELLA B.G. SRL  is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of machines for ironing to semi-professional and industrial use.

Battistella B.G. Ltd. is named after its founder Guerrino Battistella, a worker in a factory of ironing boards in bankruptcy. Therefore he decided to start working at a table of his own invention which he decided to call "Eve" as a symbol of the beginning of the revival. His creation was very successful and the following was all downhill, a growing production of ironing tables to which was soon joined the first iron steamer called "Vaporino", named composed by steam (in Italian –vapore) and Guerrino, to underline its paternity. Gradually the range of products was expanded as well as the production plant, the children grew and the company became a family business. Today, in fact, management is of the sons of the founder who still celebrate their father calling the company with his initials.

For more than forty years Battistella is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of machines for ironing to semi-professional and industrial use. Products relating to the production of Battistella currently are: ironing boards, steam generators, spotting machines, topper, pneumatic mannequins and presses. These are products that guarantee low consumption and high yields. In addition to a production in full compliance with European rules and regulations, Battistella has a large stock of finished products ready for delivery soon, very pleasing to the customer.

As a distributor for the textile industry, Imac dal 1977 can only replenish part of its product range for ironing from a leader and guarantor of quality such as Battistella B.G. Srl.

The quality of the products of this company is also obtained thanks to sophisticated tools and test benches that allow to submit machines to rigorous electrical testing.

In particular, for ironing, Battistella produces irons with boiler and steam generators automatic and manual; ironing tables with different functions; irons; presses and related shapes; and a wide range of related accessories to the product items. Many of these also belong to the rich catalog of products offered by Imac dal 1977.

To learn about the specific products offered and know in detail their features and choose the one that best suits your needs visit the site www.imac1977.comand do not hesitate to contact us, we are available for further clarification.

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Showing 1 - 39 of 98 items