• Mod. VEB100-3. Single thread felling machine for waistband linings. This new high-performance blindstitch machine with a newly designed plunger and belt feed is made for felling the waistband lining. The seam can be at the edge (American style) or on top of the waistband seam (European style), with no exchange of parts. 

  • Mod. VEB100-1 Single thread blindstitch machine With the VEB100-1 we have extended the limitations for sewing high quality and fashionable lady´s clothing. Specific strengths: Fine and ultrafine materials

  • Mod. VEB100-2 Single thread blindstitch machine The VEB100-2 additionally sizes up cross seams for sewing without marks or impressions thus allowing the use in the production of high quality lady´s and men´s garments with ultimate flexibility.

  • Mod. VEB100-4 Single-thread blindstitch machine for roll hemming For rolled hems for pocket squares, silk scarves, skirts, dresses, blouses, etc made of thin material. Their greatest strength is distinguished by its ability to evenly and delicately roll the edges of even the thinnest fabrics. The seam is placed in at the edge and is practically invisible.

  • Mod. VEB 100-5 Single thread blindstitch bookseam machine Our solution for visible seams in half lined jackets: functional: No sewing solution for covered edges with a less bulky appearance aesthetical: The seam has the elegant look of a tailor made hand stitch seam economical: The trimmed edge is overlocked and sewn in one operation

  • Mod. VEB100-6 Single thread blindstitch machine for fusible coated tapes Even with the VEB100-6 we were able to implement our new modular design perfectly. The result is a sewing machine distingushing itself by its flexibility of use. Fusible tapes coated on one side can be attached to jacket fronts or facings (different tubes needed) to be fused to the...

  • Mod. VEB100-7 Single thread blindstitch work station for beltloops Decades of experience in the manufactoring of belt loop work stations have led to our new VEB100-7 with better efficiency, silence and ease of maintenance then ever before. Fabric strips are cut, folded into belt loops, blind stitched and pressed in a fully automatic process. 

  • Mod. 45-123 Single thread bluff edge blindstitch machine For particularly fine and demanding fabrics. The bluff edge blindstitch seam is hidden between the fabric layers as a loose cross stitch with alternating needle penetration between the hem’s fabric layers. Its elasticity guarantees a soft finish and offers the possibility to under-press the hem edge...

  • Mod. 45-223 Single thread bluff edge blindstitch machine. For demanding fabrics from fine to medium quality. The bluff edge blindstitch seam is hidden between the fabric layers as a loose cross stitch with alternating needle penetration between the hem’s fabric layers.

  • Mod. 58-4D Rollpadding and chestpiece machine Durable and efficient for substantial operations of manufacturing high quality tailor-made jackets and coats: roll padding of lapels and collars, flat padding of chest pieces and interlinings, attaching facings, blind stitching of breaktape

  • Mod. 170-22D Single thread blindstitch attaching machine Fast, durable and versatile and thus ideal for attaching linings, facings or pocket bags of coats and jackets or to hem trousers. Due to a spring-loaded presser foot the change of thickness (i.e. at cross seams) are sewn without marks.

  • Mod. 218D-TP Two thread felling machine for undercollars For felling under-collars in jackets and coats with a highlight: Maximum production flexibility as the jacket may be reversed comfortably through the neck hole at the end of the production process. The V-shaped blindstitch imitates tailor-made quality (daily output approx. 700 jackets).

  • Mod. 327D Two thread felling machine for linings Hardly visible, and yet a great effect. Our engineers have reduced the circumference of the support arm by almost 10%. This means that even very slim sleeves are sewn comfortable. Innovation made invisible.

  • Mod. 325-40D-TP Two thread sleeve lining felling machine for blind stitching the lining into the armhole of jackets and coats. To obtain a high tailor-made quality also on the inside of a jacket, the upper part of the sleeve lining is attached from the left side (daily output 320 - 420 jackets). 

  • Mod. 310D Two thread felling machine for hems of linings As beautiful as tailor made manual felling. The soft seam retains the natural shape of even the finest fabrics. The seam is placed between the lining and fabric layers 8 mm under the hem edge, thus absolutely invisible (manufacturing thinner or thin material it is 6 mm respectively 4 mm) (daily...

  • Mod. 3100D Two thread felling machine for half-lined jackets For felling fabric hems on half-lined jackets 6 mm under the hem edge (4 mm in case of thinner fabrics, 8 mm in case of thicker fabrics) with a daily output only hemming 350 up to 450 jackets.

  • Mod. 560-11 Single thread Blindstitch spot tacking machine This spot tacking machine is used for several operations in the ladie´s and men´s outer wear industry: Woven labels can be tacked as well as turned-under hems or edges and turned-up trouser bottoms. 

  • Mod. 560-21 Single thread Blindstitch spot tacking machine.  For blind tacking of woven labels as well as turned-under hems or edges and turned-up trouser bottoms. Different stitch-depth-settings may be memorized and called up individually or in predetermined sequences for operations with different material thicknesses within quick succession (i.e....

  • Mod. KA-ED Single thread rollpadding machine Electronically controlled automatic sewing unit for high-quality and efficient roll-padding of lapels of jackets and coats. With a daily output of 600 to 1050 jackets it meets highest quality requirements: Lapels (up to 63 cm) roll-padded on this machine have a perfect shape and are absolutely free of twist and...

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