Macchina piana2aghi 3-50mm  MOD.867-290322-M CG
  • Macchina piana2aghi 3-50mm  MOD.867-290322-M CG

Car piana2aghi 3-867-290322-M 50 mm MOD. CLASSIC GOLDLINE


Twin-needle lockstitch flat bed machine, two needles from 3 to 50 mm, with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet and a maximum stitch length of 12 mm. It is equipped with automatic sewing foot lift, an integrated second stitch length, an integrated second thread tension, quick stroke adjustment, automatic backtacking, thread trimmer, oil level warning lamp and large vertical hooks.


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in 48 ore in tutta Italia

Speeds up to 3400 stitches/min.

With the M-TYPE series a vision has become reality - a platform for medium heavy duty machines creating a new dimension of functionality and flexibility for all kinds of medium -weight applications. The lockstitch flat bed machine class 867, the first model of M-TYPE series, will set new standards. Above all, the modern design allows an enlarged clearance under the arm as well as a better view on the sewing area. The highly efficient sewing parameters combined with a great variety of equipment make the 867 an ideal operating means for universal use.

CLASSIC Goldline means machines with highest level of convenience and performance for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Machines with the sub-classification “M” are provided with a factory fitted integrated DC Direct Drive. 
These power sources stand for maximum torque without gear reduction, impressive dynamics in the acceleration and braking phases during sewing, precise stop positioning of the needle even at high operating speed, highly energy efficient as well as a quiet and vibration free machine operation. 
Another integral part of the drive concept is the in-house designed control unit. 
The DAC CLASSIC (Dürkopp Adler Control) with the corresponding operation panel OP-1000 is tailored designed to the Direct Drive characteristics and in terms of functionality and user comfort, leaves little to be desired. 

CodeComposition headBasic settingOptional components
867 and 21/6 Double-needle stitching on seams series to 6 mm. away on medium-heavy materials. Max stitch length 6 mm. Needles Nm 110-140.
T-61-M 1300 x 700 x 40 mm plywood. For direct motor-867.
S-03-RP "Z" support reinforced adjustable, adjust pressure. Integrated motor.

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